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Alpes Trips | Tour Herzogstand | Duración
Alpes Trips | Tour Herzogstand | Punto de Encuentro
Alpes Trips | Tour Herzogstand | Transporte
Alpes Trips | Tour Herzogstand | Tarifas

Tour duration:

Approximately 9 hours

Meeting point:

8:00 am - Central station or pick up at your accommodation in Munich


Private vehicle


from 60 Eur / per person


Transport from to Munich

Guide in Spanish or English

1 bottle of water

1 beer

Travel insurance

Not included


Cable Car (19 EUR)


Personal expenses


All year long depending on weather conditions

Capacity: Max. 4 Pax, Private Tour


  • The summit of the "Herzostand"

  • Beautiful view towards the lakes "Kochelsee" and "Walchensee"

  • Hiking for the whole family

  • Enchanting alpine landscapes

  • 360 degree panoramic view

  • Exquisite Bavarian gastronomy

There is nothing better than spending your free time on a mountain and looking at the world from above. Life becomes pleasantly slow and we all become insignificant before the greatness of nature. Exactly this you will witness on the Herzogstand!

This is one of the best known and popular hiking destinations in the vicinity of Munich. King’s Louis 2nd of Bavaria favorite resting place, where he went to admire the beautiful alpine landscapes that rise over two lakes "Kochelsee" and "Walchensee". The top of Herzogstand reveals half of Upper Bavaria. Large parts of the alpine hills can be seen with several lakes and peaks that are directly besides them. With good visibility, you can see as far as Munich and there for example the Olympic tower. Simply amazing, a hike you’ll fell in love with!


The walk from Herzogstand station offers you the possibility to visit three peaks "the Fahrenberg", "the Martinskopf" and our final destination the famous "Herzogstand". In just 4 minutes by cable car we will find ourselves at an altitude of 1600m to start our journey. This will take us along a gently sloping path and serpentines to a pavilion and last to an incredible viewpoint at the top. An ideal trip for the whole family.

Fitness: 1 2 3 4 5 / Landscapes: 1 2 3 4 5 / Best season: : March to October


From Munich we leave by car or train to the village of Kochel am See. Once there, we will take the cable car that will take us up to 1600m high where we will begin our journey. An easy path will take us to the top of the Herzogstand. We will walk through the foothills very close to the mountain. We will stop at the most beautiful viewpoints and corners to take photos. If you wish feel strong, we can start a hike from the Herzogstand to Heimgarten (1,5h more). The path is full of nice views. On the way back we will firts enjoy a delicious beer and a well-deserved lunch at the beer garden and then we will drive back to Munich.


Walking shoes, coat or light jacket, bathing suit, small backpack, cap or hat, sunscreen, water and some food (snack) to have a picnic during the tour.

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